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Jan 25 & 29




Pelican are coming to VAULT to bring you a brand new hour of whirlwind comedy.

An illustrious TV actor, famous for portraying a hot-shot lawyer, and a dispirited real-life solicitor, stuck in the mundane world of litigation, are thrown together as they become implicated in a chain of bizarre, interconnected crimes. With both their careers on the line, the two must work together to solve a mystery that’s as playful and energetic as it is funny. 


"Pelican" uses sketch, clown, and physical theatre, to create a surreal, inventive and joyful world, balancing well crafted comedy with a bold and vibrant aesthetic. Papier-mâché props, colourful costumes and reimagined household objects combine to form “a set that wouldn’t look out of place in a budget sci-fi film”, and an hour that's “wildly funny” (BroadwayBaby). Playful and inclusive, the performers command the stage with an “infectious energy” (TCS), creating a world so enticing that “the audience are more than happy to climb onto the stage - everyone willingly swarms from their seats to take part” (EdFringeReview).


As funny as it is inventive, Pelican blends comedy, theatre and friendship in a show that ‘has half the audience dancing and the rest laughing’ (TCS).

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